Ashes to Ashes

We entertained Heckmondwike on Tuesday. We’ve been playing this ashes fixture for four years if I remember rightly and only won it once. Here’s Robin’s report.

Hi Paul, after 3 games we had lunch delightfully prepared by Elizabeth & it was good. At that stage it was neck & neck both Huddersfield & Heckmondwike 9 games each, but with Hecky +8 ahead on points.
Sadly Huddersfield could only win 2 of the final 6 games, so we lost 13 to 11 & the Ashes went along the A62 to Heckmondwike.
Only one triple won 4 games that was the Hecky team of Georgia/Tony/Walt & therefore won the prize of a bottle of wine each.
The best Huddersfield team were Kevin, Christine & Nigel (who was substituted by Dave for the final game, which they won 13-0!!)
The game as always with Hecky was played in a very friendly, but competitive manner.

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