Team Event at Stockton in October

The Greenheads took part in the Northern Petanque Open Team event of 10 very very good teams at Stockton Fox Sun 21st Oct 2018.
The matches were 3 doubles in the morning followed by 2 triples in the afternoon.
The scoring system was:-
Win by 13-6 or more = 2 points
Win by 13-5 or less   = 4 points
Win by 13-0               = 6 points
In Round 1 Rita & Robin managed an excellent result 13 – 3 victory for 4 points
Elizabeth & Brendan and Roy & Christine lost their matches.
In Round 2 we all lost & sat down & collectively said “Oh Bugger”
After the Captain’s inspirational team talk all pairings WON for 2 points each team.
Sadly the story goes down hill from there & neither of the triples could manage a win in the final games.
However a good time was had by Greenheads, played mostly in very good friendly company.
The positive is that we performed better the last year

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