First Shooting Competition

On Sunday 18th 12 members took part in our first ever Shooting Competition or Tir de Précision.

Over 4 distances, 6,7,8 and 9m and 5 disciplines the maximum score is 100. Dylan Rocher was 2018 World Champion shooter with a score of 57.

We played over 6,7 and 8m so the possible maximum score was 75
The top three members were Pete scoring 6, Brendan with 5 and Margaret with 4! Several players did not bother the judge at all!
Everyone enjoyed the experience (I think) and we will repeat the competition regularly now we’ve taken the plunge. Maybe a monthly shooting competition? Food for thought!
One thing our results show very clearly is that we all need to practice shooting a lot more. When we get our Monday training sessions back on track we can concentrate on this discipline.
Here’s Pete with his gold Medal

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