Shotgun report (bang!)

1. The Shotgun

FIRST BARREL = all posers, good players, shooters
MIDDLE BARREL = experienced old hands, blaggards, middle players
LAST RESORT BARREL = newbies, timid folk, pointers

2. The Marriage
Participants self-select their barrel (or Tupperware bowl). The organisers will have the final say on which barrel is used for each entrant to balance out numbers. Teams are drawn at random from each barrel

3. Team Grid
Teams will be triples if possible
If necessary a mixture of doubles and triples will play
Doubles will start 0-2 down

4. The Challenge
Do good players only win when they play with other good players? OR
Can good players bring the best out of any team AND
Will it be a marriage made in heaven?

We did all this on a freezing Sunday in January and miraculously ended up with 18 players thus 6 teams. So a 3 round snake was played.

It was so cold that players started behaving like penguins, huddling together for warmth.

One team lost all 3, one team won a single game and the other 4 won 2 games each. Points difference came into play. Three teams were very close with differences of +1,+2 & +3 but the winners were +12 due mainly to a 13-0 thrashing of a fancied team in Round one. So the winners were Denise, Barry & Pete. Medals will be presented at a later date.

One brave player even tried to incubate a boule…  without success.

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