Singles Champion is Maureen

Denise was runner up and Maureen was the winner of the club singles event on Sunday.  This is an annual event and has an unusual format. All players are given a “start” with beginners getting as much as 7 and experienced players being stuck on zero. Games still run to 13 points but those with a start (or handicap) start from their handicap. So a game could start at 0-7.  After 3 rounds there is a final between the top two players. These were the only two members to get 3 wins in the 3 round snake – Denise with 3W + 15 playing off 4 and Maureen with 3W + 14 playing off 2! The final was close going to 13 – 11 with both finalists playing well. Winner takes home a trophy to keep and runner up received a gold medal.

Many results were very close – nine games were 13 – 10 or closer! Many members can expect a downward review of their handicaps next year as a result of how well they played this year!


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