As Easy as…

On a Saturday there was different format for a change. 10 teams of triples from around the region had entered an all day 123 event. Each team played 8 games but each player only played 5. This included singles. It was strange format not well understood at the beginning but people gradually worked it out.


Good news was that it  all went smoothly and finished around 4 after a 1030 start and the winning team had 2 HPC members in it. The second place had 3 HPC members. Read a longer report at Huddersfield 123 event.

W Pts
1st Three Peaks 6 29
2nd Greenheads B 5 14
3rd Rosanal 5 9
4th Interlopers 4 5
5th Last of the summer wine 4 -12
6th Greenhead A 4 -19
7th LSD 3 16
8th Hecky C 3 -1
9th Hecky B 3 -24
10th Hecky A 2 -17

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