We recently bought 2 huge planters from the Mens workshop at Platform 1 at Huddersfield Station. About 1m by 1m by 1m they look impressive and have just been filled. KODAK Digital Still Camera

Sandra B and Christine A went to the Friends of Greenhead Park drop in meeting recently and heard that KMC were giving away plants if used in the park BUT the dates were when both ladies were away on holiday. So Christine contacted KMC and explained that we would like to take advantage of the offer but couldn’t do the dates. The outcome was that she was invited to collect plants immediately which they did with the help of a few club members. They got almost 100 plants and also enough top soil to fill the planters! Christine and Sandra spent the afternoon filling the planters, sprucing up the basket and planting the remaining plants in the garden area. And well watering everything. What stars!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The planters look fantastic and seeing them filled with plants makes me think we should reconsider painting them. I think they look better natural and the dark green would be too much. . Christine and Sandra have done a really fantastic job today.

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