Men v Ladies 2019

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The Men V Ladies tournament for the prestigious Grail trophy took place on Tuesday September 10th.

With a mis-match of numbers two lady members, Claire & Sue W, volunteered to join the men’s squad and Jack played in a triples with visitors, and possible future members, Steve and Diane.
This allowed us to play a 3 round snake with 4 teams for each side playing a total of 12 games.
Two teams, Richard & Phil and Brendan & Roy achieved a maximum 3 wins helping the Men to a narrow 7 – 5 victory over the Ladies so the men retain the Grail Trophy!
The picture shows Men’s captain Brendan being presented with the trophy by tournament director Roy.
KODAK Digital Still Camera

We will be having a Men v Ladies tournament in the winter programme so the ladies will have a chance to get their revenge! Anyone can enter this mini competition as long as they fit the eligibility criteria. 

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