distancing doubles winners


Nice sunny day, 24 players played 3 rounds and Jan & Jane won all 3 games with a points difference of 23 to just pip Clive and Kath on 3W  + 20.

In the picture above we’re showing our 2m distancing. Those close to each other are married. Everyone remained 2m apart all afternoon. We only used 6 of our 15 lanes so games were all 3m apart. Everyone used their own coche, boules, measurer. There were no scoreboards and results were input by 1 person using 1 pen to 1 scoresheet which no-one else used. No drawing of numbers from a bag.

As a result of this we think we can run a members monthly melee on 5th July. Distancing rules and not touching anything that isn’t yours will still apply. Summer melee with be 4 dates July to October and winter melee will be 5 rounds November to March. Best 3 scores will count.




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