new PE guidance

We can resume normal club sessions if we follow a few rules. One involves undertaking a risk assessment of covid19. See this by clicking here

Key elements

a)     Railings to be wiped down before play.

b)    Keep 2m apart inside Clubhouse. No catering.

c)     No more than 2 people to go inside storage shed

d)    For club sessions one person to act as registrar/scorer and do all admin. To register players on arrival by filling in Track/Trace sheet which is retained for 21 days; to draw numbers and inform member their number without members touching numbers; to strike out members who leave the session from Track/trace sheet; To open lane allocation booklet to correct page. Members report score to scorer while maintaining social distancing.

e)    Keep 2m apart on benches

f)      Members to be advised to bring waterproofs and/or brolley to avoid overcrowding the club house.

g)     Club will provide hand sanitizer and wipes. Use before play.

h)    Bring your own chair

i)      If more than 30 on site both entrances to be blocked off using high viz chain. Signs to be produced to hang on chains. NO ENTRY – due to Covid 19 restrictions

This will be trialled on tomorrow and if all goes well we will have a Monthly members melee on Sunday 2nd August. We may need volunteers to do the admin role. If there is no competition teams can be arranged without using numbered disks but registration sheets must be used until further notice.

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