Members Melee August

A different type of members melee. There were 22 people at the terrain, some not playing, some playing in singles league games or 123 team games and some in a melee. There were 2 visitors from Bordeaux on holiday in Huddersfield who just happened to have brought their boules with them. Some were late; some dropped out but after everything was taken into consideration the winner was Richard followed by 4 ladies.

Our procedures today were that a) no-one touches anyone else’s boules, coches, the scoresheet, the pen etc and b) drawing of numbers, allocation of lanes and recording of scores were done by one person only. A Track & Trace register was kept and will be kept for 21 days and gel & wipes were provided by the club and were well used. We had contingency plans if more than 30 turned up but didn’t need them.

It was also the live testing of a spreadsheet that will calculate melee results and it needed testing as a couple of bugs were found. If there are any Excel experts out there who want to collaborate on this please get in touch. With scores input the system calculates and flags wins and after all results are in a macro sorts wins and points and produces positions.  Worked OK but needs more sophistication.

Next Members melee September 6th. Not sure what the rules & restrictions will be then.


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