L’après-midi de fromage et vin.

In addition to boule school and our regular social mêlée Tuesday saw a cheese and wine buffet prepared by the Social Committee. Stars of the show were Didier and Dominique who bought a vintage grape harvesting basket full of quality French wine to the party.

They also wore attractive T shirts.

After the first game and the conclusion of boule school we started on the cheese and wine which was beautifully laid out with grapes, celery, biscuits and baguettes.Members sat around and chatted and enjoyed the buffet until it was all gone and then it was back to the games. But before that was the raffle draw in which Didier won a nose and ear hair trimmer called Mr Afro (don’t ask).

Here’s some m ore pictures from the day

A great day. We didn’t keep scores on the day but the quality of play improved towards the end of the afternoon as inhibitions evaporated.Thanks to the social committee for running the day. Over £70 was taken from the raffle which will go to charity at the end of the year alongside other monies raised at other social events during the year.

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