Cheese, Wine and Hamper

1st March was the meteorological first day of Spring. And it was nice sunny day. The plastic chairs were out and members enjoyed a casual melee where we didn’t keep scores and also had a cheese and wine picnic after the first round. It was so warm that most sat outside in the sun for some time. Then we drew the raffle for the Hamper that was going to raise money for Beau’s Campaign and this brought in a magnificent £150.

Jane won the Hamper. Next event for Beau is the scone and jam scoff on Thursday afternoon and then the charity Pairs on 20th March. We have 14 teams signed up so far and hope to get over 20. See the notice in the clubhouse.

It’s not stopped raining since Tuesday.

Le fromage et le vin
The Team
Sun bathing
The winner

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