Sportswashing in Greenhead Park

It started early on Thursday with a group of club members armed with marigolds, buckets, brushes, panscrubs, brasso, meths, white spirit, Cillit bang and lashings of clean water & improvised towels and about 80 assorted boules and 30 boule bags. Thanks to Jackie, Jane, Yvonne, Pete and Margaret for coming down to help.

90 minutes later we had sorted, cleaned, marked and bagged over 30 good sets of 3 matching boules mostly in a new boule bag and stored them in the shed for use by visitors and members who didn’t yet have their own set . And here is the end product – our very own boule bank. The large bag at the bottom has about 15 boules in it that we couldn’t sort into matching sets.

We’re always happy to receive unwanted sets of boules from people who have given up the game for whatever reason and also happy to lend these to new clubs to get them started. Email FAO Sportswashing Officer at HPC. See contact us page.

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