Pennine Pairs 26th June

  1. Lightcliffe CC (Chris & Albert)
  2. Perfectly Placed (Pete & Margaret)
  3. Camilla Parker Boules (Jan & Sue W)
  4. Cat Dragon (Fred & Veronica)
  5. Gryphoncall (Brendan & Nell)
  6. Chris & Kev (Christine & Kevin)
  7. Beyond the coche (Graham & Claire)
  8. Rock & Roll (Robin & Rita)
  9. All the gear and no idea (Keith & Neil)
  10. PJ’s (Paul & Jane)
  11. Age UK Allstars (Rachel & Lisa)
  12. Melroy (Roy & Mel)
  13. The Ramsbums (Steve & Margaret)
  14. Highland Cattle (Liam & Anna)

This is a competition for players in Kirklees & Calderdale only. See more details and enter & pay online at or give your team name and entry fee to a committee member at Huddersfield. You can turn up on the day and hope there’s someone without a partner but if you enter beforehand you can choose your partner.

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