Club Triples Champions

Thursday 30th June and a large attendance for the club Triples. 11 teams played 3 rounds and at the end there were only 2 teams with 3 wins. Ever Hopeful (pictured above) had a points difference of 13 but YAP (Yvonne, Alasdair & Phil) had just 9.

3rd were Space Oddity (Amanda, Robin and Jenni) on 2 wins and +12; 4th place was Steve, Jane and Sid 2 +9 and 5th Brendan, Glyn and Nell 2 +1.

There were a few issues with people having to leave early but were overcome by members volunteering to fill in and substitute so every round was completed. (Thanks to On The Coche and Paul). Club Pairs champions will be decided on Sunday 24th July.

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