…the International Picture

It’s true that the game originated in France over a hundred years ago but it has spread world wide since then. It’s from a family of games that throw a large ball at a smaller target ball but it’s probably the most popular of them. You may have heard of boccia, bocce, bocci & boules lyonnaises. Some countries have their own take on it with different material for the boules or different style terrains but the concept is still a target ball game. Some french regions have their own variants but it’s regarded as a french thing. In Spain it’s called petanca.

There are world championships and many international events. On holiday in Europe you’ll almost certainly see it played. Many campsites have a terrain and in France market squares double as car parks and pétanque terrains. You’ll even see it played on a spare patch of land.

Wherever you go in the world you’re probably not far from a game of boules. Google your destination and the words boules or Pétanque and you’ll be surprised at what you find.