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Club Triples Champions

Thursday 16th was the annual Triples event. A 3 around snake in nice sunny weather. No Entry fee as it was for members only and the only prize was to hold a huge trophy for 3 minutes while a photo was taken. Winners were team MJP (Margaret, Jan & Pete), team ARB (Andy, Roy & Brendan) were 2nd with team CRK ( Christine, Richard & Keith) coming in 3rd. Graham & Claire were on their 2nd visit to the club and played with new member Denise in team GCD. Unfortunately Denise had to leave after one game so team GCD became team GC.

Scores from the major club events are collated for our Champion of Champions table which determines the best player over the year. This will be finalised soon as the season is drawing to a close.

Club Melee September

Jackie 247
Sue C2-25
Jane G0-20


Maureen 134   17 
Keith 10.53   13.5 
Christine  13   13 
Kevin  12   12 
Nigel 120   12 
Yvonne 66   12 
Leonora  11   11 
Melvyn 10.5    10.5 
Sandy  10   10 
Sue C 55   10 
Alastair 90   9 
Phil 71.5   8.5 
Margaret   8   8 
Mark 8    8 
Jackie  7   7 
Reg 4    4 
Cathy 3    3 
Jan 11.5   2.5 
Amanda 20   2 
Jack  0   0 
Jane G  0   0 
Marie  0   0 
Pete  0   0 

L’après-midi de fromage et vin.

In addition to boule school and our regular social mêlée Tuesday saw a cheese and wine buffet prepared by the Social Committee. Stars of the show were Didier and Dominique who bought a vintage grape harvesting basket full of quality French wine to the party.

They also wore attractive T shirts.

After the first game and the conclusion of boule school we started on the cheese and wine which was beautifully laid out with grapes, celery, biscuits and baguettes.Members sat around and chatted and enjoyed the buffet until it was all gone and then it was back to the games. But before that was the raffle draw in which Didier won a nose and ear hair trimmer called Mr Afro (don’t ask).

Here’s some m ore pictures from the day

A great day. We didn’t keep scores on the day but the quality of play improved towards the end of the afternoon as inhibitions evaporated.Thanks to the social committee for running the day. Over £70 was taken from the raffle which will go to charity at the end of the year alongside other monies raised at other social events during the year.

Friendly with Rochdale PC

The club played its first friendly for some time at the new Rochdale Pétanque Club in Milnrow. First impressions were very good. a nice terrain still being worked on with 10 good sized lanes already and 2 more planned. Brilliant clubhouse with bar, coffee on draught, plentiful parking and beautiful toilets. What more could you ask for?

The game was played in good spirit. Rochdale had several youngsters in their squad (young in HPC terms is under 70) and although they’ve only been playing for a few weeks they performed well. Here’s Nicole demonstrating a classic pointing shot.

The result was disappointing for HPC. We played 10 games and both teams won 5 so it went to points difference to determine the winner. Huddersfield had not one but two 0-13 results so Rochdale scraped home by having +14. Congratulations on their victory, The actual scoresheet includes half a dozen drops of real Rochdale rain.

It was great day of pétanque and we plan to make it an annual event. The first one was in October 2019 which Huddersfield won 8-2. You may remember the 2 captains on that day and the small but perfectly formed trophy.

The next one will be in Huddersfield again. Let’s call it the August Trophy and create a bigger more memorable perpetual trophy for the next one and put a date in both our diaries for August 2022. Man of the match was Dennis from Rochdale who played 2 and won them both 13-0. Brendan was Huddersfield’s best performer with 2W +19.

Tea and Tarts shoot boule

A different style of WI came to play on 12th August. And we had a full evening’s play with a 2 round melee to finish. Here’s Claire demonstrating the classic pointing shot.

And here’s a photo of the group. There were also a few spectators and our clubhouse recorded the first ever nappy change at a petanque club in Huddersfield.

And the winner was Rachel !!!

Huddersfield French Circle Visit

A group of francophiles enjoyed a social evening playing boules on 11th August. As they were all keen French speakers much of the session was conducted partly in French. We had our resident frenchman Didier and his wife Dominique to add a taste of real French speakers.

After the usual explanation and practice a 2 round melee was played although it was cut short with a sharp shower. The scoring was done and although Christine had a similar record the eventual winner was Ann. She won the gold medal and had a photo taken next to an impressive trophy. We hope to see them again next year.

Huddersfield podium in Yorkshire Day event

A good day for Huddersfield Pétanque as all our three teams reached the Main knockout Finals.

Robin and Rita went on to the Final of the Mixed Pairs but lost the big prize. Roy and Brendan were losing semifinalists in the Open Pairs as were Kevin, Christine, Pete and Margaret in the Mixed Triples.

When the results of the three competitions were aggregated HPC was tied for second place with Hollicarrs but lost out on count back of wins. So we were placed 3rd out of the 8 clubs who had entered. Leeds won the overall title. A great day of Petanque.