League & Cup Results

The West Yorkshire league was played in May, June and July and we came 5th out of 6.

It could have been better. There were two unexpected home defeats but on the other hand there were two unexpected away wins. Thanks to all members who played in the team. We’ll be starting squad training in the autumn to hopefully climb the table next year.

The West Yorkshire Cup follows the league with a slightly different format. Two same sex triples followed by 3 mixed pairs. We played a quarterfinal on the hottest day of the century and beat Wetherby to make it to the semi final where we will play Mirfield. Final will be towards the end of August. We’ll tell members where and when if we get there.

Old Round Tables

Gold medal winner Vaughan

A group of ex Round Table members visited the terrain on Tuesday 12th for an evening of pétanque. 18 people arrived and played a 2 round competition.

Because of limited time we didn’t play all matches to 13 points but when it was all over 4 players had won both their games.

It was decided on points difference and the winner was Vaughan who apparently wore his medal throughout the dinner at the Croppers which followed the competition.

Thanks to Robin, Rita, Graham, and Paul who acted as coaches/Umpires on the evening.

Club Triples Champions

Thursday 30th June and a large attendance for the club Triples. 11 teams played 3 rounds and at the end there were only 2 teams with 3 wins. Ever Hopeful (pictured above) had a points difference of 13 but YAP (Yvonne, Alasdair & Phil) had just 9.

3rd were Space Oddity (Amanda, Robin and Jenni) on 2 wins and +12; 4th place was Steve, Jane and Sid 2 +9 and 5th Brendan, Glyn and Nell 2 +1.

There were a few issues with people having to leave early but were overcome by members volunteering to fill in and substitute so every round was completed. (Thanks to On The Coche and Paul). Club Pairs champions will be decided on Sunday 24th July.