Club info

Cancellation Policy

Privacy 2018

AGM 2018 papers

AGM 2018 Agenda

AGM 2017 minutes

HPC BUDGET MAR 18 audited

Committee Report 2018

Previous AGM papers are archived. Ask.


HPC Constitution 2017 revision

Directions if you want to come and visit us

Welcome 2016 – info about the club we send to all new members

Basic Rules – exactly what it says on the tin

awayday A poster to print out about having a petanque day for your group.

Advice for your petanque day – anyone can use the terrain (scouts, WI, schools, team building events). This gives you some idea of how to run one. Contact club if you want a petanque day.


1 thought on “Club info

  1. John Allen

    We at Lindley Bowling Club would be interested in putting up a poster if you have one about your club,maybe get some of our members involved in your club.Hope to hear from you soon.
    Regards John


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