Easter Egg Melee

April 9th saw 21 members all winning Easter Eggs but the best eggs went to the top 3. Only Sue, Maureen and Christine won all 3 games but Sue had the best point difference and won the first prize.

April Monthly Melee

Yvonne, Kevin and Keith won all 3 games but the points difference sorted out the places. One error spotted after it was posted but this has now been corrected. 1800 Tuesday

Cumulative table below. The best of 3 rule is now in operation (for 1 person).

The Rochdale Cup

April 2nd saw the first Rochdale Cup competition. It was a great day out. First of all the sun shone and it was short sprint over the M62 to Milnrow Cricket club to a great location with free parking, lovely toilets, superb clubhouse with comfy chairs, draft beer, bacon and egg sarnies to start with and coffee all day. The usual suspects took part.

On top of that there was a novel format, good organisation, a raffle, a football card and a singing bird in a gilded cage. It was a chance to meet old friends, make new ones and the only downside was we didn’t win enough games to make it to the final. (Ok not enough to make it to the semifinal..).

It was set up as a modified rolling knockout. There were 8 teams. Most of them were Rochdale league teams and Rochdale and Trafford clubs but HPC were invited as a wild card to make the numbers up to 8. There were 3 rounds each containing 2 triples and 2 pairs which to 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete. After the first round it was lunch and obviously 4 teams had a 1-0 record and 4 teams had a 0-1 record. The second round was after lunch and after that there were 2 teams with a 2-0 record, 2 teams with a 0-2 record and 4 teams with a 1-1 record. So the top two played a further final round finishing after 5pm. HPC went home about 4pm. Winners on the day was Transplant Team GB made up of 3 players, all relatively new to Pétanque who will be representing Great Britain at the World Transplant Games in Perth, Australia in 2 weeks time.

Brendan and Paul were PE marshalls at the previous world Transplant games in Gateshead in August 2019. It was also a great weekend. We have photos and stories to tell. Ask us.

Full results at https://www.facebook.com/RochdalePetanque/

St Patricks Day

Winner of the melee this afternoon was Pete. Only 2 players won all 3 games and Pete had a points difference of 17 whereas Claire had 15. Pherris was 3rd.