Club Singles Event

Tuesday 18th May was the first of our classic competitions to find the club champions for 2021. A 3 round snake with a final between the best 2 took only a part of the afternoon as singles are fairly quick affairs and several social games were played after the main event.

Three players had won all 3 games in the snake – Jan, Paul & Robin. The final between Paul and Robin and despite being 1-7 down Paul came out on top 13-8. This year we played without handicaps/starts as previous years. Winner received a Gold Medal and an enormous trophy. Club Pairs and Club Triples to follow as we return to normal play.

May Monthly Members melee

Sun was promised. Rain arrived. Only 2 rounds were played as most had had enough after 2 rounds. Winner on the day was new member Andrew followed by Richard and Pauline. Cumulative points table follows.

5=Rita S11.52
5=Robin S11.52
9Paul S10.52
11Sue C82
15=Christine A52
15=Sue B51

HPC – Members Monthly Melee
1Marie:13  :13
2 Maureen :12  :12
3Nigel:11  :11
4Rita S:10  :10
5Paul S:09  :09
6Sue C:08  :08
7Amanda:07  :07
8Roy:06  :06
9Fred:05  :05
10Pete:03.5  :03.5
10Robin:03.5  :03.5
12Phil:02  :02
13Kevin:01  :01
14Pauline :00  :00
15Margaret:00  :00
16Maggie:00  :00
17Richard :00   :00
18Melvyn :00   :00
19Jack:00  :00
20Barry:00  :00
21Jan:00  :00
22Christine A:00  :00
23Keith:00  :00

Waiting for tomorrow

Today was spring cleaning day at Greenhead Park. Government restrictions were lifted and with a little social distancing and common sense we can play tomorrow.

Moss was scraped off the surround and we admired the new wood at the side of Lane 10

The garden looks full of life

The signs were refreshed. The noticeboard was updated.

Big shed was cleared up. Artificial grass was vacuumed

Chains were bought to cordon off the terrain from spectators

The temperature on Tuesday may reach 25 degrees

See you soon.

The Roadmap to Return to Play

At the moment the key date is 29th March subject to later confirmation by the Government. We will be using once again our Government approved ‘Play Safe Guidelines’ and these will be updated and re-issued in plenty of time before we play.

This will allow us to play pétanque without limit on numbers as long as our guidelines are followed. When not playing, ie when members are at the club but not on the piste, the Rule of Six will once again apply. You must stay in a group of not more than six people and must not move between groups at any time during the session of play.
The Club House will remain closed. If members need to enter to pick up gear this should be done quickly and not if anyone else is inside. Masks must be worn inside the club house. The park toilets remain closed and the cafe, when open, will be providing take away service only.

Our Playing Calendar remains in abeyance except for the Member’s Monthly Mêlée’s which we aim to re-start on Sunday April 4th, Easter Sunday, organised by Christine A & Jan followed with May 2nd organised by Sue C, Richard and Nigel. The final event of Round #1 will be played on June 6th.

All of this is subject to there being no change to the key date of March 29th.

Rule Change

The OFFICIAL RULES OF THE SPORT OF PETANQUE have been revised. The new rules with changes highlighted can be viewed at Rules-of-Petanque2020-Review (Click to download)The rule change that will affect most day to day play is Article 7. 3) which now reads “The jack must be a minimum of 50cm from any obstacle and from the end line of the lane, it must also be a minimum of 1.5 metres from another jack in use. (note: no minimum distance is required from the “side” line that separates the lanes or the dead ball lines at the side of the lanes)


First Sunday in December and…

A return to a formal competition took place on the 6th December. A 3 round pairs ended up with Rock ‘n’ Roll winning all their games and winning!

Second were Mel & Pauline with 2 wins, Third were Sue and Nigel. Much talk of vaccines and getting back to normal and it’s bloomin’ freezin’ out here but everyone was in agreement about getting out of the house and some exercise. Social distancing still in operation.

We hope to start our regular Members Monthly Melees from first Sunday in January and run 6 sessions ending with a winner in June. Put Sunday 3rd January in your diary!

Club sessions restart

“On Sunday next, December 6th, we will be holding our First Sunday in the month 3 round snake competition. You can choose your partner in advance or take pot luck on the day. Please turn up early to give the organisers sufficient time to get the score sheet sorted out and play started. 

Sunday January 3rd, all being well, we will return to our Member’s Monthly Mêlée. The first leg of the 2021 competition will run through to June 6th. The second leg will be held from July 4th to December 5th.