Elizabeth podiums for Huddersfield

8 members went to Stockton today for an all day melee. Some didn’t justify their seeding but both Roy and Elizabeth won 4 out of 5 games. Only one player won all 5 and that was Malcolm from Bridlington who took away first prize. Richard also of Bridlington was second and Elizabeth was 3rd placed player out of 40 who took part with 4 wins and a points difference of +20. Experienced petanque watchers will have Malcolm and Richard down as very experienced good quality players. Elizabeth is now in good company.


Easter egg melee

Two players won all three games. They were Barrie and Robin. They also had the same points difference so were joint winners. They won an egg each. Sue was one of three players who won 2 games but had the best difference of them all.  The easter baskets raffle was also drawn and made a profit of £30 for club funds. Every player in the melee who didn’t win a prize won a Cadburys Creme Egg.

Next Sunday is AGM at noon. Papers are on the Club info page. Bring your subs money!

AGM Sunday 23rd noon

agmMembers can view and/or download Agenda, Minutes of last year’s AGM, Committee report for 2016/17 and accounts 2016/17 from CLUB INFO page. Some are ready; some will be added soon. Paper copies will be available on the day. AGM includes presentation of cheque to our charity. Subs due after AGM.

Mansfield 14 -10 Huddersfield

There will be many pictures as we’re still collecting them from many people and we’ll put them all in the gallery when they arrive.

The whole day was wonderful. Parking was free once you worked out where to park; the terrain was large having been made from a disused crown green. There were many different size pistes and the members are very friendly and helpful. Playing on a different terrain was strange but the whole event was played in a friendly but competitive manner. There were leagues in the first 3 games then the teams were seeded for their final game. The best team on the day were Robin, Rita and Phil and they received a bottle of wine each. The match score however was 14 – 10 to Mansfield.

A surprise prize was also given to the Huddersfield team. It was a 30 litre boiler.

I had noticed they had two and jokingly said we’d take one off their hands it they didn’t use it and out of the blue after the results they gave us a boiler. View it in our new clubhouse whenever you’re passing. Here’s the evidence.

We’ll also be presenting a trophy to the winning team from Sunday and then trying to win it back when we have a return match on 20th August and we’ll be using the boiler then.

More pictures in Gallery soon.


Top of the ladder

Semi finals and final were played today.

Roy and Brendan managed to lose their semi-finals which left Sue and Elizabeth to contest the final.

It was close but the first ladder winner is Sue with Elizabeth runner up.

We’ll be running further ladders in the future.


Sunday & Tuesday – 2 big days for our club. 

On Sunday we travel to Mansfield to play against one of the bigger clubs in the UK. So there won’t be anyone to open the old club house. There will still be some members there no doubt and play can go ahead but it won’t be a typical Sunday. It’ll be quiet.

On Tuesday we take possession of the new clubhouse. It’s also called the community room. We have keys, we will be moving stuff from the park ranger room and we’ll be making a celebratory cup of coffee and munching on a biscuit. Come along and see it, have a cuppa and a hob nob, help shift stuff and throw in your ideas about what we can do with the room.  We’ll be there from noon.

We have booked it for our 3 regular sessions but can also use it if it’s free at other times. We will share it with other community organisations but they won’t be there at the same time as us. We also have access from inside the room to the public toilets so if someone closes them at 2pm we can still use them.