Every picture tells a story

Northern Triples Aug 2016 016

3 new England internationals aka defibrillators

The big Triples event of our summer went the way of the experienced players. 11 Teams played 5 games each and shared prize money of £90. The raffle and associated donation plus a 10% cut from entry fees meant the club made over £70 for club funds. Every one had a good day but no local team claimed a prize. There’ll be another similar event over winter.

Thanks to everyone who who turned up early and stayed on to clear up. Eventual winners had a near thing in round 2 when the Welsh Wizards nearly did for them. Photos later.

21 aug Hudd


Terrain improvements


Some new additions are on view in this picture. A gravelled area in front of the shed to avoid the clagging mud of last winter and a parasol with a metal base to shade players or spectators from the sun. We asked KMC to put in the gravel area and they did so. They also put in a wheelchair  ramp as well. The club applied for a grant to pay for the minor works and have received 50% of the cost already. Parasol from Wilkinsons (£20) Base from the depths of Roy’s garage (£0). KMC also supplied 2 large bags of limestone chippings to assist in remodelling some terrains.


Christine beats Christine to become Singles Champion

20 members entered today’s singles competition. The handicaps awarded proved about right. Roy played Pat (handicap 3) in first round and Kevin (handicap 2) in the second round and won 13-12 in both cases which would suggest we got the figures right.
chris 2
Only two players won 3 games so the final was between Christine A ( 3w +11) and Christine K (3w + 19). In the early stages it was nip and tuck with the game swinging first one way then the other then at end 6 Christine K started to build a lead with the game finishing 13-9 to K.

Club Singles title up for grabs.

single-300x222This Sunday 14th August is the club singles competition. You’re on your own in a 3 round competition and the best 2 players will meet in the final to win a trophy to take away and keep.

To even out the experience and skill levels of the players some players will have a start. Novices and new members will almost all start on +7 so when they begin any game they will start on 7 points. Starts (or handicaps) are always applied at the beginning of a game so a game could be 7-3 before a boule is thrown.

Better more experienced players will start from scratch (0) so it’s possible for a less experienced player to beat a more experienced one. Don’t forget that each game only has 6 boules in it so it will be quick and sometimes brutal. If you shoot twice and miss you only have one boule left to rescue that end. There will be upsets. Here’s the list.

start start
Aidan 7 Kevin 2
Ailsa 7 Maggie B 7
Alasdair 4 Maggie P 4
Amanda 3 Malcolm 3
Andy 7 Margaret 7
Anne 6 Marie 0
Barrie 4 Martin 5
Becky 7 Martin G 4
Brendan 0 Martin L 3
Brian 3 Melvyn 3
Christine A 4 Michael K 4
Christine K 4 Michael 7
Daniel 0 Mick 4
David 7 Pat 3
David M 0 Paul 0
David W 4 Pauline 3
Dianne 6 Polly 5
Edwina 7 Phil 4
Elaine 6 Reg 4
Elizabeth 4 Richard 6
Frank 7 Rita S 3
Fred 5 Rita W 3
Geertje 4 Robin 0
Hazel 4 Roger 0
Jack 4 Roy 0
Jackie 7 Sandie 4
Jane 3 Sandra B 2
Jane 4 Sandra L 5
Janet 4 Steven 6
Jeannet 7 Sue 3
Jennifer 7 Ted 0
John 6 Tim 5
Julie L 4 Yvonne 2
Julie W 5

There will still be room for casual play after this event.

They think it’s all over

MeleeToday’s results

Marie 13
Barrie 12
Pat 10.5
David 10.5
Daniel 9
Brendan 8
Sue 7
Sandie 6
Hazel 4.5
Roy 4.5
Geertje 2.5
Paul 2.5
Malcolm 1
Sandra L 0
Sandra B 0
Edwina 0
Michael 0
Amanda 0

The cumulative total

Played Total
Marie 4 39
David M 4 33.5
Daniel 4 30.5
Brendan 4 28
Sue 3 27
Robin 2 21
Roy 5 20
Amanda 4 18.5
Pat 2 18.5
Sandra L 4 16
Barrie 2 15.5
Rita S 3 14.5
Paul 4 14
Pauline 1 13
Mick 2 12
Malcolm 3 11
Jack 1 10
Christine K 1 9.5
Geertje 2 8.5
Sandra B 3 7.5
Rita W 1 6.5
Elaine 3 6
Sandie 3 6
Hazel 2 5.5
Kevin 1 5
Edwina 3 3
Reg 1 3
Yvonne 2 2
Christine A 1 2
Elisabeth 2 1
Melvin 1 0
Diane 1 0
Polly 1 0
Alasdair 1 0
Fred 2 0
Maggie 2 0
David W 1 0
Jeannete 1 0

The verdict

Marie has 3 of the 4 melees she has entered. It difficult to see anyone else winning the summer season.

Generation Game

FB_IMG_1470043491399 copy
A good day. Six teams battled it out over 3 rounds to produce a final between 2 “home” teams featuring Brendan and Brendan (BBC) against Roy and Emily (EmRoy)

Teams that didn’t make the final were the Yorkshire rose, The Bazzar Duo, JL and PG Tips.

As to the final it looked bad at 11-0 to Emroy but BBC clawed their way back to 11-6 then Emroy recovered their form and ran out 13-6 winners.


Sweets and medals all-round to every junior player and winners took away the trophy to hold for a year. We’ll do it next year. Every one involved felt it was agreat day. Why not enter next year? Teams from across the region welcome.

Results update

Due to lack of pictures and other factors we’ve not reported the success of some of our recent events. So even though we’re still missing some pictures here’s what’s happened.

14th July Bastille Day. Limonade et Liberte


There were a few frenchmen and women and wine and peanuts were consumed copiously. After 3 rounds the top two players couldn’t be split  both being on 3 wins and +16 points so Brendan & Yvonne were the winners.

17th July was Club Triples competition.


It was also a special day for two of our youngest members. Martin & Julie were leaving us to live in France so we gave them a card and said Goodbye. We’ll be seeing you again when you arrange the Franco-Britannic competition.


In the meanwhile the triples winners were Sandra, Malcolm and Rita W. Worth noting that Rita is our most decorated triples player winning for the second consecutive year.

26th was our Midsummer melee starting early  at 1030 and fitting in 5 games and a lunch. Surprisingly only 14 were there at the start of the day but 4 more arrived just before 1 o’clock. The day was complicated by Roy and Colin (probably the two best players on the day) being drawn toegther for the first 4 games. In the last round they weren’t and Colin suffered his only defeat which allowed Roy to scoop the first prize. Colin was 2nd with 4 wins and a large points difference.  Marie won 3rd with 4 wins and a smaller difference.

This coming weekend is generation game but there’ll be room for social play as well.