Jeudi soir

Hier soir le chef du bureau de Huddersfield Petanque club a parle aux adhérents de  Calderdale French Circle a Halifax. Pour 45 minutes il a explique en français l’histoire du jeu, les differences entre boules lyonnaises et pétanque et il y avait des questions sur le vocabulaire de pétanque, le fabrication des boules et le possibilité d’un match entre les  French circles de Halifax et Huddersfield. On a bu quelques boissons typiques ( vin rouge et Ricard) et on a découvert un tournoi de pétanque qui existe dans le parc de Skircoat Road chaque aout sur un ancien terrain de tennis!!!

Esperons que nous allons rencontrer des habitants de Calderdale sur notre terrain tres tot.


Daniel records his second winter title

We knew it was going to be his victory but despite a poor result in March Daniel showed his pedigree and is the first person to win a league season trophy twice. Congratulations to him.

We’re sure you’re all wondering why the Petanque player is wearing a pink tutu. The answer is simple. Previous winner Marie wanted a lady player trophy but all we had was a man player trophy so she ran up a quick dress/tutu on her Singer to rectify this equality issue.

Some simple stats. 30 players took part and collected a point but this table doesn’t list players who failed to trouble the scorers at all. There were 10 of them.

Only 2 players took part is all 6 events and they came 1st and 4th. One player played one event and won it!

Summer melee starts May as as we have an away day on first Sunday in April. See you then!

Winter 2016/17 Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Total adj
Daniel 10 13 9 12 9 4 57 35
David 7 4.5 13 8 13 45.5 34
Robin 7.5 11 10.5 12 41 33.5
Sue 13 8 1.5 7 3 9 41.5 30
Marie 3 11.5 9 1 7.5 32 26
Sandra B 11 3.5 10.5 25 25
Roy 8 5 11 24 24
Brendan 3.5 10 10 23.5 23.5
Fred 8 8 4 20 20
Christine K 8 12 20 20
Rita S 13 6 19 19
Barrie 4 11.5 15.5 15.5
Richard 12 2 14 14
Kevin 13 13 13
Michael 12 12 12
Sandie 2 10 12 12
Malcolm 4.5 7 11.5 11.5
Jack 11 11 11
Elisabeth 9 1 10 10
Mick X 10 10 10
Amanda 3 6 9 9
Rita W 1 2 5 8 8
Diane 7.5 7.5 7.5
Maureen 7.5 7.5 7.5
Edwina 6 6 6
Pauline 6 6 6
Paul 6 6 6
Alasdair 5 5 5
Geertje 5 5 5
Sandra L 1.5 1.5 1.5

Extreme Petanque at Huddersfield

Weather was a problem. After many hours of waiting for heavy snow which never arrived a pitch inspection was made at 0900 today. Everything looked fine. Terrain was perfect – no lying water. There was something in the air but not heavy snow. We decided to go ahead. At noon it started snowing. At low levels it wasn’t too bad but on the tops it was heavy stuff. Considering the conditions to have 6 teams was quite good.

Round one had a few snowflakes; Round two it was heavier. Round three and we saw hail and finally rain. It also started to get to the hands. Most other parts of the body were well wrapped up but hands started to freeze. Inexperienced youngsters played in trainers WITHOUT proper socks. Grizzled veterans donned their full wet weather gear. After a few hiccups with people not turning up; hasty replacements and people feeling ill halfway through we made it to a finish 3 hours later. 3rd were Trafford Petanque consisting of Chris, Aly & Lewis (Our first podium said Chris proudly)


2nd and walking away with Milk tray were locals Three in a Shed (Robin, Rita & Brendan)


But overall winners and the only team on the day to win all 3 matches were Nunns Plus made up of Roger, Anne and Alan from Wetherby and York.


The rain had by this time stopped. But puddles were everywhere.


Thanks to everyone who turned out. There were some interesting final games. Trafford could have pinched second place if they’d won their last game quicker but points difference decided it in the end.

Hope to see you all again when warmer weather comes back.

Bell Book and Candle

img_0004Or as the say in ‘uddersfield Bell bum and domino.

For some time we’ve drawn attention to any team losing 0-13 by ringing a bell and inviting the losers to kiss a bare bottom (known as fanny). it’s an old tradition often quoted as “fanny paie a boire” which means losers get the drinks in.

This year we’ve decided to reward achievement rather than embarrass people so today we instituted the Six Blank award whereby anyone who scores 6 in one end gets to wave a giant domino around and have their photo taken.  We didn’t think this would happen so quickly but less than 2 hours later it did.


The players who demonstrated this supreme skill were Jane, Martin and Marie. Here they are with our makeshift domino. A local joiner has been commissioned to make a 3ft by 18 inch domino for extra dramatic effect. Losers in this game were Brendan, Paul and Richard. What’s worse is the domino effect – the team scoring 6 were on 7 points so accelerated through the tape to win. Watch this space.