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June 10th Pairs Rules.

Huddersfield Petanque Club.  June 10thOpen Pairs Competition.

  • Fully subscribed – no places left.
  • Start at 0945 with draw for leagues. No seeding.
  • Play 3 rounds within your league then lunch.
  • During lunch teams are ranked. One boule tiebreaker if needed to resolve ties.
  • After lunch knockouts are seeded. 1v 8, 2 v 7 etc
  • All finals will be played on pistes 8,9,10

5 league winners & 3 next best teams are in Main Competition. Quarters, Semis & Final. Prizes; 1st-£60, 2nd- £40, Losing semi-finalists £15

Next 8 teams play in Plate Competition. Quarters, Semis & Final. Prizes; 1st– £30, 2nd– £20

Last 4 teams play in consolage. Semis & Final. Prize; 1st– £20

In the event of a team not taking their place a local team may enter on the day or teams due to play the absent team will win 13-7.

In the event of a team going home early their opponents will have a walk over or a 13-7 win depending on whether a league/knockout format.


League season starts

Today we went to Heckmondwike but it didn’t go well. They all played very well and we all played pretty badly. The result was a 5-0 win for Heckmondwike. No excuses – the better team on the day won the fixture.

Next week we have a bye and the following week we’re back in action at home on Tuesday 8th May at 1pm against Mirfield. Other result of the opening week was Leeds beating Mirfield 3-2.

St Georges Pairs

Only 6 teams today (where were you Huddersfield?) including two visitors from the other side of the hills. Joe and Paul are members of Trafford and hadn’t been playing long but put up a good performance ending up as winners.

None of the teams managed to win all their games so it was between the 4 teams who had won 2 games and points difference was going to decide it. It was very close but Joe & Paul had one more in the points difference column than Sandie & Marie and 4 more than Sue & Roy.

Well played Joe & Paul – hope to see you again. We’d love to come over and enter one of your events one day.

Shed movements

It may not sound much but on Tuesday last week we shifted the shed 2m to the left. Reason being that we’re expecting to add another wooden building  (see clubhouse page) later in the year and to the left of the shed was fairly level. But the area to the right was not. Leaving the shed where it was would mean more excavating and expense. By giving us 2m more space at the right hand side of the shed we’re saving time and money when we come to the next stage of the works.On the way we had to empty the shed and fill it up again after we had shifted it (and threw way a lot of rubbish on the way)


First Open event of the summer.

Next Sunday – 22nd – is our St Georges Open Pairs. Open means anyone anywhere in the world can enter although in real life we won’t have too many from outside Huddersfield. However it’s a chance to have a go at a competition with an outlay of just £2 and maybe win a prize as 1st to 3rd gets something back.

We’re taking the trouble this year of advertising our Open events on Facebook, Twitter and our blog and we’re also emailing all northern clubs. There is an event on the Northern Calendar which is Wiggington Pairs in York so the top players will be there. Nice opportunity to try out your skills at a fun and friendly Pairs competition.

Think about it. Print out this poster and stick it on the fridge. Weather looks like it will be 15 degrees. Root out those red and white shorts…