Crofts Rule

Have you ever attended an event where one game seems to go on for ever and 90% of the players have to sit and wait for a slow game to grind on to its inevitable conclusion?

Yes – So have we. Today while waiting 40 minutes for a presentation ceremony and watching a game that wouldn’t affect anything crawling to a finish we invented the Croft rule.

It states that “When in a Petanque event you find your game is the last one on the terrain the next end is the last end.”

In real life it means that when you are the last game on the terrain everyone knows that the next end is the last end and they can redraw for teams and get on with life.

The corollary to this rules states that ” If the players don’t abide by this rule any super hero in the vicinity can shoot them all to hell.” This is optional.

York winners

10 people from Huddersfield were part of the 44 who attended the Fox melee today. And we walked way with many prizes and a podium finish.In case you didn’t know Stockton on the Forest holds a monster melee every month in the summer. You pay £3-50 for 5 games and get lunch and a raffle thrown in. It takes all day and the standard is variable. You can play with good player or with a complete beginner and you change partners 5 times. It’s great fun.

After the first 2 rounds (and a picnic lunch) there were already some strong performances from HPC members and after lunch this continued. Rita P won a game, Sue &  Christine won 2 out of 5, Roy, Elisabeth, Paul & Richard won 3, Kevin won 4 but the star of the show was Sandie who won all her 5 games. There were 2 others who did but on points difference Sandie ended up 3rd out of 44 players. A fantastic performance considering the 2 players head of her were Dag and Rosanna both experienced York league players.

Here she is showing off her bottle of wine for 3rd place alongside a man folding up a chair. Other successes were in the  raffle where 6 prizes were won by Huddersfield members including a Swiss roll, a bag of sweets and 2 bottles of wine.

Overall a good day out. There’s another one next month. Why not have a go?

Club Pairs Champions 2017

10 teams entered on a lovely sunny day and only 2 teams won all three games. Paul and Amanda were the best of the 2 games winners so were unofficially 3rd but the winners were Rock & Roll (pictured above) who both won a enormous trophy. Brendan and Fred (Little and Large) were 2nd on points difference. They knew their task when they began their last game as Robin and Rita had an unexpected bye (when someone had to leave early because of the intense heat) which was a 13-7 win but L & L couldn’t quite make it.

Next event where there is a trophy to be won is 9th July – Club singles. 3 rounds plus final. Club policy this year and future years is for winners of such events is to receive trophies to keep.

Let’s hope they’re all big ones.

Raffle prize game

In May a grand dinner was held to raise money for a local charity. Many prizes were on offer in the raffle. One of the prizes, donated by Huddersfield Petanque club, was a taster session of up to 8 people lasting 2 hours at our terrain.

Francesca won it and with her friends Jadene, Emily & Steph turned up on Friday to claim their prize. They were met by 2 members who gave them basic instructions in how to play and afterwards had 2 games. The techniques improved as time passed and Emily became a really good pointer and Steph fancied her chances as a shooter. They all had a good time and went away happy. They’re unlikely to join the club as 2 of them are emigrating to Vietnam next week and Jadene lives in Leicester but it was a worthwhile exercise. They also seemed very young as they kept on taking photos and using snapchat whatever that is. In the picture above they’re practising pointing. A selfie was also taken and promised to us but it’s not arrived yet.

If you want a prize for your next raffle at your posh charity dinner please ask us. We’ll print you a voucher which you can offer as a prize.

June Members Melee

David M and Sue were the only two members to win all 3 games. 17 players on the day.

Running total

May June Total
Sue 12 12 24
Robin 13 5 18
Richard 10 6 16
Rita W 6 9.5 15.5
Maureen 2.5 11 13.5
David 13 13
Maggie Parr 11 11
Daniel 9.5 9.5
Hazel 9 9
Yvonne 8 1 9
Alasdair 1 8 9
Sandy 7 0 7
Edwina 7 7
Marie 5 0 5
Sandra L 4 4
Malcolm 4 4
Amanda 3.5 3.5
Geertje 2.5 2.5
Sandra B 1.5 1.5
Rita S 0 0 0
Roy 0
Elaine 0 0

League starts

Every picture tells  story and this image says Harrogate (new kids on the block) beat Heckmondwike (current champions) 3-2 and Huddersfield lost 1-4 to Leeds. Mirfield had a bye. Things will change hopefully for the better. We have 40 games to play over the next 10 weeks. So far we’ve played 5 and won just 1.