And the winner is…

winnerSunday 25th May. First Club competition is a 3 round melee and 10 people turn up. First real exposure to a competitive format but everyone copes well and after 3 hard fought rounds the winner is Michael who wins all 3 games. Sandra also wins 3 but Michael has a better points difference. Malcolm is 3rd with 2 wins.


Post script.



The club needs a gazebo. We’ve looked around on ebay  and Argos and we could buy one for about £20 but we wonder if any club member has one they don’t want in their garage.

Any colour will do; sides are a bonus : Any size will be OK. If you have one to donate please let us know.


DVDs to borrow.

Roy has acquired from Northern region  2 DVDs about how to play Petanque. Ask him on a club day to borrow them and improve your game.

Next Competition is Tuesday 10th June.

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