The Eternal Triangle

tri teamYesterday was the first triangular tournament between Heckmondwike, Huddersfield and Mirfield. It was invented by Clive, Secretary at Heckmondwike and looks likely to be copied by Huddersfield and Mirfield. 3 Clubs sent 4 teams of mostly pairs but some triples and each team played 4 games, 2 against each of the other teams. Sounds complicated but it worked well and after 3 and a half hours Heckmondwike had won 5 of their 16 games, Mirfield 7 and the winners were Huddersfield with 12 wins. A surprising result but very welcome.

The visiting teams were playing on a different surface to their home terrains but that’s one of the reasons the tournament was held. Add a beautiful sunny day, a lovely friendly crowd and lashings of tea, coffee and biscuits in the sumptuous pavilion and it made for a great day out. Here’s to the next event in another endless series. Well done the Greenheads! The team colours looked great.

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