Match abandoned

Today was a match between Great Yarmouth PC and Huddersfield PC as part of their Tour de Yorkshire. Yesterday they played and beat Heckmondwike and today we had a 4 round competition with a lunch in the middle scheduled. As I drove to the terrain there were a few spots of rain but we started on time at 10am.

The format was pairs and timed at 50 minutes. Each club fielded 5 pairs. The rain gradually increased in intensity.

After the first round it was 4-1 to Great Yarmouth but in the second round Huddersfield won 3-2 and by the end of the second round we realised we weren’t going to get 4 rounds in. There were 2 options  – play one more then lunch or lunch and forget the rest of the games. While we were thinking about this the puddles became larger and the decision was to abandon the match. The score at the halfway point was 6-4 to Great Yarmouth with a points difference of 14.

Shame about the shortened game – it was keenly fought with a few games decided by just one point. It could have gone either way but we’ll never know. Best Huddersfield team was Sue & Marie with 2 wins out of 2. Brilliant lunch by Elizabeth.

Great Yarmouth presented us with a box of Norfolk fudge and a donation to our clubhouse project. A good day but could have been better.


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