Playing to the rules

It’s a funny old game pétanque. Most people have picked up a garbled version of the rules on holiday or from a friend “who knew the game” but when you start a club you’ll most likely have to start from scratch but which rules do you teach?

Do you need  the Official rules of the international governing body? There is a view that these are poorly written concentrating too much on the highest level of the game and the penalties for non compliance, umpires and juries that are just too demanding for most club members. Look at the FIPJP rules

Or should you use a simple set of Picture rules which are very simplistic but may cater for social players. Try the Picture Rules

Or a short set of the official rules but with the competition level rules removed? See Short 2020

Or the latest concept the Free rules which have been prepared by an aficionado trying to get away from the complicated and archaic Official rules and provide down to earth solutions. Revolutionary but intriguing Pétanque Libre

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