St Patrick’s Days

There were two petanque themed St Patrick’s days this week. Monday was hosted by Mirfield Petanque Club and yesterday by Huddersfield Petanque Club.


Monday revellers enjoyed such games as “My coche is a potato” and “Tricolor Treasure Hunt” hosted by a genuine irish leprechaun called Harry before settling down to a round of Triples. Later in the club house there were irish cupcakes, a raffle and an irish quiz which was won by the Greenheaders from Huddersfield.

loads a boules 2

Picture shows the leprechaun deciding which of 44 boules was actually nearest to the jack.

Tuesday started with another genuine irish leprechaun called Brendan as MC and we played Irish petanque for 5 minutes (rules available on request)  before a 3 round melee with 24 players. Players were given Irish lemonade in between games to maintain their energy levels and after 2 hours play the winner of the competition was Ted followed closely by Roger and Paul. Here is the presentation party. Ted won a bottle of champagne and a small shillelagh.


Strangely Huddersfield’s club kit just happens to be Green and Black which fitted in very well.


Brendan commented. “After a successful St Patricks day afternoon in the park I would like to thank all those who turned up and played: also I would like to thank those that helped make it possible:- my glamorous assistant Julie, Paul, for his guidance and belief, our catering staff Sue and Roy as well as those who helped set up and take down the equipment. Thank you.

Your paddy on the park”

We all such a great time that we decided to have a St Georges Day event next month on the 23rd.


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