3 Results update

MeleeMidsummer melee was 23rd July and new member Colin won first prize winning all 5 games with a better points difference than Paul who also won all 5 games.

Malcolm was 3rd despite only playing 4 but winning them all.

Mystery Prize Tuesday 28th melee on saw Malcolm win all his 3 games to win a silver medal.

Monthly Members melee had a fantastic 25 players today and Roy, Julie L and Amanda all won all their 3 games but points difference meant that Julie L was the overall winner. New table on Winners tab. Roy is favourite to win the summer league but he is still being chased by 5 women.

2 thoughts on “3 Results update

  1. Roy Henstock

    There has been some criticism that the current scoring format used in the club league favours players who play more games – which it would seem to do. The 3 players who have played all 5 games are all in the top 6 in the league. A suggestion has been made that we take a players top 3 scores to determine the winner. Only 8 players have played 3 games or more so far with only 1 game (September) left to play. If you take the top 3 scores for each of these 8 people you get almost no change of position
    ! The top 3 remain unchanged. The only difference is that players in positions 4 & 7 change places.

  2. huddersfieldpetanque Post author

    Without a system we would have no league table so I put a system in place. The system can always be changed. The present one does reward those who turn up. The alternative would reward other elements such as a good player who might play 3, achieve good results and not turn up again to protect his high average. Horses for courses. I’m happy to change. Paul


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