Winter Pairs 18th February

Our regular slot in the Northern Petanque Winter Pairs league took place Sunday. There are 10 events throughout the winter designed for players who “wish to continue to play through the winter” and each one has 5 rounds and is usually on a cold and often snowy day. Records are kept of matches won and at the end of the season someone is the winner.

Greatest number of teams was at Heckmondwike in October with 28 teams but yesterday Huddersfield we had 20 teams. It had been limited to ensure everyone could play and not have to wait for an empty piste. Even so one player sent a substitute and 3 players only just made it on time as Matt Blyton made a speech about La British Open in the summer at Heckmondwike.

The day started with Roy raking the terrain several times and our two new tea-ladies Lorna & Margaret setting up the refreshments and being very helpful. 20 Teams were as below.

Huddersfield had13 members playing in 7 teams. Brendan & Paul had a good day winning 4 out of 5; Pete & Margaret won 3; Fred 2, Roy & Sue, Clive and Kath , Maureen & Nigel all won 1; Kevin and Christine had a bad day. Brendan and Paul were hoping for 5 out of 5 and a share in the prize money but ran into an England International in the last game who shot them off the terrain (and he’s over 50 years younger than Brendan and Paul).

Maurice and Angela were 4th

Winners on the day were the experienced shooters who also were mostly the younger players. Colin & Andy shared the top prize with Peter and Lee both teams winning 5 games with a points difference of +40. Matt & David Blyton were 3rd with 5 wins and +38. Angela and Maurice were best of the teams that won 4 games. Paul & Brendan were 6th and 16 points short of the prize money.

Lee, Peter, Colin, Andy, Matt & David all won 5 games

In the League table there are 114 players and 16 are members of Huddersfield. Our top player is Brendan with 17 wins just 6 off the top of the table in 7th place with 2 events to go.

See official results at

It was a good day; well organised; no problems with the games or the players. Some club members dropped in to see how it was going and have a chat. I expect we’ll do it next winter.



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