Resignation and Open Meeting

Sue resigned as Treasurer today with immediate effect. This is not good news for the club as she has been there from the beginning and has done a tremendous amount of organising and fundraising and we will struggle without her input.  Brendan has agreed to take over as Treasurer in the short term.

There have been some issues raised by Sue and other members in recent weeks and the committee was thinking about holding an Open meeting so these issues could be aired. This must now take place before the AGM so we can talk about the development of the club. AGMs are very formal and much is predetermined. An Open meeting will give the members more opportunity to have their say without the constraints of the AGM process.

The date will be set soon and members are invited to send in any questions or issues that concern them so we have an agenda. Even so issues can be raised on the day.  Any substantive issue can be voted on which will require the committee to reconsider the matter if the vote goes against them. Contact a committee member to put your concern on the agenda by talking or writing or use club Email

Issues so far are

  1. Members should have voted on the lease.
  2. We are concentrating more on Northern events
  3. What about members who can’t play because of Northern events
  4. Members should have been consulted about the bowling green offer.
  5. The committee needs more members to share the workload.
  6. What events should be in the Summer Calendar

The date for the meeting will be announced soon. It will be in the community room prior to a regular session.

This Sunday’s tactics talk has been postponed. It will be re-arranged.


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